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Sticking Radius


This application simulates the Diffusion Limited Aggregation (DLA) method for fractal generation.

A fractal is formed by DLA by starting with a seed shape and allowing particales to walk randomly from infinity towards the seed. Whenever a partical touches the seed fractal, it sticks and adds the size of the fractal. To speed up this infinite random walk there are several algorithms.

The first approach is to start a particle on the smallest circle inscribing the fractal. To prevent the particle from wandering off to infinity, we include an outer bounding circle so that when the particle leaves this we can restart in on the inner circle. This method is included in the javascript but the simulation being run in an improvement which allows particles to move as far as possible with each step in their random walk.

I have included the ability to change the distance from the fractal a particle must be to stick. Toggling this will allow the fractal to grow more rapidly or slowly and can be done while the simulation is running. The sticking distance is measured in particle radii.


If you're not listening to music, I recommend you put your headphones on and turning on something chill and/or electronic. In the future I may add music + color to the fractal but for now you need to provide your own.

Browser Preference

I recommend viewing the site in Chrome since I use the input="range" tag for the sticking radius slider. This is not currently implemented in firefox in 13.0.1 on Ubuntu. Also, it seems Chromium runs canvas animations more quickly.

If you only see a text input with no slider, you can type a sticking radius (1 to 20) and hit enter.


If you have any questions or want to creep on me, my site is here.